A Review: CREEPY #7

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of CREEPY #7 from Dark Horse Comics. This black-and-white 48-pager contains five short tales of horror from various writers and artists.

The stories: MUD is a revenge story in which a young lad learns an important lesson through supernatural means. THE SHROUD finds a down-on-their-luck young couple falling victim to forces well beyond their control. BLOODSUCKERS provides us with a fascinating Florida twist on a classic vampire tale. We witness the horrors of losing oneself in drug abuse in the Twilight Zone-esque THE ULTIMATE HIGH. And DEEP RUBY gives us a brief glimpse of the price of greed.

Being a bit of a classic horror fan (such as Lovecraft and pre-gore vampire movies), I found this collection very enjoyable. The stories were brief but satisfying, and I thought the art styles helped to sell the emotions of each piece. I will definitely be checking out more of this series.

CREEPY #7 releases on January 25th at your FLCS or by order from darkhorse.com.