For What It's Worth: Advice to Comic Shop Owners and Employees

My home base - Comic Book Craze :)

With all the Super Hero movies coming out and the impending release of the 52 new DC titles (starting with Justice League #1 tomorrow), there may be (hopefully) new readers coming. I felt I should give some suggestions to comic shop owners and their employees. This is not directed to any store, even though I recently received crap service. So, without further ado, how to treat people coming into your store...

1. Acknowledge my existence - Seems stupid to say that, but it's nice for someone to say hi to me as I come in. Remember, I'm there to spend money. Don't you want my money?

2. Ask if you can assist - It shows that you care whether you do or not. It's common sense. I shouldn't spend 15 minutes in a store trying to find something, then turn to you because you can't figure out that I need help. Unless the store is busy, I expect to be asked if I'm looking for something in particular. In most cases, I'll say no thanks and keep browsing. But there maybe a chance I am looking for something. If I have to wait 15 minutes to be asked (IF I'm asked) if I need help, I'm out of the store - possibly for good. And I'll bad mouth you. Especially now that I blog. You have been warned.

3. Know something of what you sell - You don't have to know what issue number that Superman proposed to Lois Lane, but if I ask about a particular trade paperback, don't give me a glazed look telling me "I know crap." You'll also lose my business. If you don't know, you don't know, just don't give me a "deer in the headlights" look, okay? Look, I've been reading comics for over 30 years! I know a lot of stuff. I'm not challenging you, I'm asking if you have something in stock. There will be people coming in looking to you for advice of what book to pick up. BE HELPFUL! KNOW OF WHAT YOU SPEAK! This could be a regular customer unless you screw it up.

4. Be appreciative - Thank me for coming in, whether I bought something or not. If I didn't buy anything, don't make me feel like I have wasted your time. You never know, I might come back (unless you pissed me off). I remember who did and didn't. 

Comic shops are struggling. If you own a store, you don't need me to tell you that. You know. You more than likely know and practice everything I posted above. The places I frequent give me great customer service. But someone didn't, otherwise I wouldn't have done this piece. Think about it.

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