For What It's Worth: Take a Chill Pill Everybody!!!

A lot of information has come out the last eight days regarding DC's new direction starting in September. A lot of fans seem excited, even more are angry, and the are a few (like me) who seem to be cautiously optimistic.

The only constant in this universe is change and DC is going thru a change. Not all changes are good, but certainly not all bad. I have spent a portion of my life being a "glass half empty" person. In recent years, I've been more of a "glass half full." It certainly makes life more bearable and your friends and family tolerate you as well.

It's only been a week since the announcements have started and we're not done, but so far I kinda like what I see. I don't like everything, but I certainly don't hate everything as well. I don't understand this mentality of "I don't like the changes, I'll never buy a DC comic again!" Really? You want to put that in writing with some penalty if you are caught doing that? No, because you can never say never. Look, if you've watched the broadcasts, you know my stance on Marvel's decision to get rid of the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. I thought it was stupid, but not once did I say that I'll never buy a Spider-Man comic again. Glad that I didn't because I have - not a ton of them, but I bought the "Anti-Venom" story arc.

One thing I really love reading the postings are the comments to posters who say "this is gonna be crap!" Their response? "So glad that you've read the books. Can you give us a review since the rest of the world hasn't read them yet?" Look, when the books come out, you read them, and you think they are crap, please feel free to say so. Until then you don't know. You are just like people who read a headline, react to what it says, but don't know the story (or what the hell you're talking about).

I heard people say "stay true to the source material." The problem is the source material has changed over the years. Remember the Siegel/Shuster Superman originally had only speed, leaping ability, and super-strength. There was no Kryptonite, 99% of his villains weren't around, and the suit was not the more traditional version that we all know and love.

Look, I'm not standing on the sidelines waving pom-poms saying "GO DC!," but I am also not saying "this is crap, I'll just start buying all Marvel Comics." All I'm asking is go into this with an open mind. You maybe right, you maybe wrong, but you'll never know if you don't try.

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