For What It’s Worth: Easter Eggs in Thor (Spoilers)

A group of Fellowship members went to see Thor movie today and had a blast. If you haven’t seen the it, you may want to look at this list for items that appear in the movie Thor. Most of these I caught on my own, some I didn’t. May be worth seeing the movie again to catch them all of them. So in order of the movie….

In the armory, you’ll see a big eye. The thought was it was the Eye of Agamotto – a reference to Dr. Strange. However, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says it’s the Wizard’s Eye, reference to a Tales of Asgard backup story around issue #129. (BTW – you can’t miss it). Also in the armory, I did not see it, but supposedly the Infinity Gauntlet is there, and another item is a piece of Vibranium. The Infinity Gauntlet is reference to the event involving the villain Thanos gathering the Infinity Gems (Soul, Time, Space, Mind, Reality, and Power) to gain omnipotence over the entire universe. Vibranium is a Black Panther reference – the metal only found in his kingdom of Wakanda which has the ability to absorb sound.

After Thor arriving on Earth and forced to wear Earth clothing, he is given clothes belonging to Jane Foster‘s (Natalie Portman) ex-boyfriend, Dr. Donald Blake. In the comics, Odin banished Thor to Earth to learn humility, and made a mortal guise for him in the form of a crippled doctor – Donald Blake.

In the scene where the hammer Mjolnir is discovered by a guy in a red truck who tries to pick it up. The man is J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5 and one-time writer of the Thor comic. A little bit later in the film, when it turns into an event trying to pick up the hammer (even having something resembling a tailgate party), a man in a white truck tries to pull the hammer up with chain. The truck loses the bed in a futile attempt. The camera pans to the driver who asks “Did it work?” It’s obvious who that is…Marvel founder and creator of Thor, Stan Lee.

The scene that reintroduces Agent Coulsen (Clark Gregg) from the Iron Man films to the audience appears, looks at the crater, pulls out a cell phone and says “Sir, we’ve found it.” That is the tie in to the scene after the ending credits of Iron Man 2.

The scene where Dr. Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) is talking to Jane Foster after SHIELD had confiscated all of her material that dealt with Thor’s appearance, he mentions the organization made a brilliant scientist who was a genius with gamma radiation disappear – an obvious reference to Dr. Bruce Banner/the Hulk.

The scene where Thor infiltrates SHIELD’s camp to get Mjolnir and is discovered, Agent Coulsen calls for an eye in the sky and asks for “Barton.” We see someone walk into the armory, look at a bunch of guns, and grabs a bow. It’s Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton – Hawkeye. Another Avengers reference. Renner gets more screen time than I thought which is cool.

The scene where the Destroyer appears on Earth and attacks the SHIELD agents, Coulsen asks “Is it one of Stark’s?” Another obvious reference , this time to Tony Stark/Iron Man.

The banquet celebration at the end of the movie, Walt Simonson (and his wife Louise) is at the table. Unfortunately, their backs are to the camera, so we don’t get a clear look, but they are there. Simonson was a writer/penciller on Thor during the 80’s. I totally missed him, but have been told he’s there.

The after credits scene…this is starting to be mandatory for Marvel movies. Dr. Selvig is brought to a lower level of a building (SHIELD headquarters) and is brought before Nick Fury (Sam Jackson). Fury reveals a small case, which holds….A COSMIC CUBE. This is a reference to Captain America comics. We know the cube will be in the Captain America movie due to one picture being release of the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) holding the item. I can’t explain the cube in a simple sentence or two. All I’ll say is it’s a bad thing if the bad guys get their hands on it. J

One final item (which I missed) includes a billboard promoting New Mexico. The sign says “Take an Adventure...Journey into Mystery.” Journey Into Mystery is the title of the comic book that Thor made his first appearance.

That’s all I’ve seen/hear/read about. What did you guys catch???

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