For What It's Worth: X-Men: First Class

After reading the point/counterpoint editorials from my friends at The United States of Geekdom regarding the upcoming X-Men movie (which you can read here and here), I'd figure I'd put my $.02 in. If you watched the live broadcast a couple of weeks ago (if not here it is - enjoy) when we did our Summer 2011 Movie Preview, we kinda went over this, but I'll do it again.

I have LOW expectations for this movie. For some reason, I thought this was a reboot - my bad - it's not. It's a prequel. I guess since all Marvel movies (unless released/co-released by Marvel Studios) are being rebooted, I figured this was the same thing. But alas, it's not meant to be.

I think overall, the series was not good. The first was ok, I loved the second one, and the third...well...nevermind. I also never cared for the "all-star" members of the team. I mean, Iceman is essentially a trainee and no one knows anything about Angel until the third movie? I know, I know, I'm one who said the movies don't have to be exact to the comics, but there are changes and there are "destroying the comics and doing whatever we want." But that's the past. Let's talk about this movie.

OK, Mystique is part of the first "class." (shakes head)...ok. Since this is a "prequel" and we see Magneto and Xavier are friends in this film, I assume the "friendship" ends and Mystique decides to go off with Magneto because she agrees with him. OK, I will accept that...but Emma Frost????? WTF? I know she's been a part of the group since Jean Grey died again (for what the 50th time?), but please!!! And since some of the pics they've release also shows her with Sebastian Shaw, is she a double agent? Sigh. (Throws hands into the air). Then you have two members I don't know anything about - Azazel and Angel Salvadore. I guess since I haven't been reading X-Men in the last 20+ years, that's my fault. So why are they in the first class???? (Throws hands into the air again).

If you know me, I try to keep an open mind to comic adaptations...hell, I didn't like everything I heard regarding the Wonder Woman TV series, but was willing to take a chance. But I've got a bad feeling about this movie. Nothing from the ads or trailers have encouraged me, and - to use a line from a message board post - the posters look like a seventh grader created them using Photoshop! LOL!

Now, it'll do well opening weekend, but I wanna hear the word of mouth - especially from X-Men fans. I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first), but I don't think it will do well. Especially with that guy with the pretty green ring showing up two weeks later (I'm talking about Green Lantern if you are puzzled).

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