For What It’s Worth: Are Marvel Studios, Warner Brothers Concerned? Should They Be?

Despite what the TV ad for Fast and Furious #5 says (there was a three and four?), the Summer movie season starts the first weekend in May. That is also the opening weekend for Marvel's new movie THOR. By the way, that Saturday (May 7th) is Free Comic Book Day so go to your local comic shop and support them.

This will be an interesting year for Superhero movies. Green Lantern, Thor and Captain America are not big named characters like Superman, Batman, Hulk and Spider-Man. Are these risky adventures? Well, yes and no. I would say to you that Captain America is more well known than Iron Man, and those movies did well. The Lord of the Rings did well as the box office so I think the general public can handle the mythical aspects of Thor. The Green Lantern movie is being called this generation's Star Wars. A little extreme, but I can see where the comparison is coming from.

The fanboys (and girls) will be there in droves, but the question is will these movies appeal to the general public? To be quite honest, I can see it go either way. However, I hope that they will do well, to ensure that other projects (other than said Batman, Superman, Spider-Man) will have a chance. The Avengers movie will go in production soon (if not already) for a release next year. The Justice League movie slated for 2013 with spin-offs to come after that.

It will be interesting to look back at this post in say - six months time and see how things went this summer.

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